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Benefits of Using Online Library Book Reviews

Considered ‘cool’ in your school years, you had to know certain stuff like Superman, Batman, and Captain America. In adulthood you need to know that any book is far better than the movie, long gone are the stereotype that those who love books are nerds.

Since around 2014, the young adult fiction genre has expanded its audience to kids and adults alike and now books are an object of interest in pop culture and even Hollywood. It started already in 2013 when over sixty books turned into films. This was a huge increase since the five years before saw only 27 books ended up on the big screen.

With online libraries and access to book club discussion, it is much easier to read books bound to come up in conversations at the next social event. Eight books voted as the most popular to read include The Divergent Trilogy, The Hunger Games Series, The Fault in Our Stars, The Book Thief, If I Stay, The Percy Jackson Series, Eleanor & Park and The Maze Runner.

If I Stay

At the top of the top eight list is Gayle Foreman’s If I Stay, the book describes an out-of-body experience of an accident victim who gets to watch the reaction of friends and family. In the end, it is the accident victim’s decision to stay or go. This book is straight to the point and a lot is going on in the just over 200 pages. It tackles worries we all have, it’s fast-paced, talks about anxiety about our future, which is why the movie attracted a huge audience.

The Fault in Our Stars

John Green’s, The Fault in Our Stars, excellently written the book portrays the perfect couple, her lungs suck and his leg refuses to do what it’s supposed to, so, all in all, it’s about deeper insight into devastating events. The film is as perfect as the book and if you have not read it, this blend of deep insights with romantic proclamations and funny quips makes it well worth reading.

Eleanor & Park

Reading this Rainbow Rowell book makes you laugh and cry all at the same time. Most feel that the book is so darn relatable that it is a must-read for its rock introduction right down to the passionate romance and sweet gestures. It’s a book that unleashes a whole bundle of feels, it’s a book that reminds every reader of what it was like to be young and in love.

The Pisces by Melissa Broder

As summer is steadily approaching many of you are probably planning your perfect holiday getaway – whether it be by poolside or by a vast beach. Either way, it goes without saying that every bookworm is going to need their personal collection of summer books to keep their minds fully occupied and their imagination active, and this is why Melissa Broder’s “The Pisces” would be the perfect page truing novel for you. It follows the story of Lucy who at one of her group therapy sessions get asked the deep question if you are truly looking for love. Though “The Pisces” is more than its interesting cover, the novel itself is written in a marvellous tone and shows all the different forms of sexual relationships and the effects they have on the main character, Lucy.

The Pieces Book Review

The novel starts off with Lucy breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, which has an obvious and noticeable effect on her. At first, she is bored and tired of being with him and his routines, however, as soon as they break up, Lucy begins to crave her ex like an addict craves a fix. After a while, Lucy’s sister unknowingly helps her by offering Lucy the opportunity to dog-sit at her luxurious Venice home while her sister and husband leave for the summer.

The majority of the novel is focused around Lucy’s time in California. Thanks to Broder’s keen eye for the uniqueness of Los Angeles and the wide array of people you can encounter as it gives the reader a closer experience of Lucy’s own thoughts, actions, and feelings. After some time has passed after a series of uninspiring dates and scathing thoughts about the women that go to group therapy with her, Lucy finally meets someone that stands out. A sweet surfer named Theo. Though there is one thing about Theo that makes their blossoming love affair more complex, and that is he is part fish.

Once Lucy falls into the pit of love or addiction, the reader a given a glimpse into her world as it goes through a process of crumbling before repairing itself slowly. Though at times, the internal battle that Lucy has can be extremely cringeworthy and cause second-hand embarrassment, it is still charming as there is probably someone you know that acts in a similar way.

Broder’s tone throughout the novel is humorous and lighthearted, despite the situation Lucy is going through. The novel follows a theme that will allow the reader to imagine what Lucy must be thinking and going through in a deeper sense than reading it on the page. Though one interesting feature of the novel is that sometimes the author will focus so much on Lucy’s interpersonal thoughts that the focus is taken away from the background and the world and once it comes back, it feels as if so much has changed in such a short amount of time.

Although most of the novel is centred around Lucy’s string of love affairs and confusion, Broder users her connections to poetry and nonfiction to help deepen the reality of the novel, which in turn helps the reader have a more personal connection to what’s going on.

Top 5 E-Book Readers Reviews

As digital libraries are becoming more popular over the last few years – many companies are releasing their own e-book readers to make reading your favourite novel even more convenient and easy. An e-book reader is a tablet that mainly allows the user to read an array of books, no matter if it is a classic novel or a graphic novel. Many e-book readers can give the user access to digital libraries. However, some of them will only allow the user to access certain labours ad book selections. Either way, e-book readers are growing in popularity for a multitude of reasons, which will be listed below.

• Instead of packing over five books for a trip – you can download them all to your e-book reader
• You can have over thousands of books available at a single touch and you usually don’t have to wait weeks to read a certain book
• Saves a ton of money. While some e-book readers are expensive, the total cost saved from having to purchase new books is noticeable
• It’s easily portable. You don’t have to worry about carrying around a bulky book, or books. Instead you can get a nice sized e-book reader that can fit anywhere
• Some e-books have an extremely long battery life. Some can even last for two weeks without a charge
• Can customise the text. You can either zoom in or change the text style, so its easier and more fun to read
Now, here is a list of the top 5 e-book readers of 2018 along with a review about their quality and capabilities.

Barnes and Nobel Nook GlowLight 3

As the name suggests, this e-book reader can glow and gives the user a warm, colour changing light that can be easily changed for the user’s convenience. It features physical page turn buttons and the Barnes and Nobel book selection. However, the interface is a bit award for library books, and there have been constants reports of the interface being sluggish as well. But with its lower price, it is the ideal e-book reader for someone who wants to save a bit of money.
Cost: $99.99

Onyx Book Max2

This e-book is Android created and features one of the larger screen sizes (13.3 inches). It had full Android app capabilities along with a pen and a long-lasting battery life. Moreover, the read has buttons on the front so fingerprints appearing on the screen won’t be an issue. Plus, the pen allows for annotations to easily be created. However, the pen has been reported to not work the best with third-party apps that aren’t supported by Android.
Cost: $799.99

Sony Digital Paper DPT-RP1

\While this e-book is perfect for reading documents, books, and annotating – it does feature a few negatives. One of the major ones being it only supports PDF documents which means certain digital book cannot be read on it. The pen that comes with the e-book reader noticeably lacks pressure sensitivity, and the software is basic and not user-friendly. Through the slim design and the larger tablet design does make it better for editing and review documents.
Cost: $699.99

Amazon Kindle Oasis

This e-book reader is one of the best that was released last year. For starters, its slim, lightweight, waterproof, has a screen that glows, and long battery life. A user can access any of the thousands of books that Amazon has to offer with ease, and they can read even without having a connection to wi-fi. The main con that it is in the middle of the price range fir e-books – though the price is worth the features.
Cost: $249.99

Kobi Aura H20

This e-book reader is perfect for those who prefer a smaller lightweight e-book that is easy to travel with. It has some waterproof abilities and more customisation options to change the text and size of the text. However, it does not feature a memory card slot which minimises how many books you can have saved on the e-book.
Cost: $179.99


While this is not a definite list of the only e-books that are worth checking out – they are some of the best ones that revoked high praise since their release date. No matter if you choose an e-book from this list or one that you find on your own time, the best thing to keep in mind is what your initial purpose of using the e-book is, especially considering e-books come with different features to make it more productive for the user.

7 Innovative eBook Facts

The eBooks or e-reader is a life-changing innovation of the technology. There are many facts about this eBook. The history of eBooks says that different types of challenge, long way of innovative works and trying to fulfill the need and comfort of the readers, eBooks are now at the advanced and super standard level. The accessibility of eBooks is now more. A wide collection of books is now found through e-readers. People can read a lot of books with a great ease and comfort. The reliability and convenience of eBook reading have increased a lot with some innovative development. We will now discuss some innovative facts that have changed the field of eBooks use.

  1. Move with your eBook Anywhere You Want

The eBook is a portable digital book collection. It is an electronic device which can store many books in one. Now, people can carry all his books and can move with these books anywhere they want. People are now able to read their books, even if they are on any vacation or any traveling site or in a line waiting. People can read their books, even when they are resting on their bed through eBooks. This option increases the possibility of reading more and give the readers to utilize their optional times too.

  1. Read at Great Ease

Now there are many options to read an eBook in a very easy manner. The font size of an eBook can be changed to the reader’s demand. A reader can change the background color also which will help to read at the night time. Some advanced eBooks provide the backlight options too. The eBooks can be used as an interactive way with audio, video transmission, animations and also links. Some advanced eBooks’ covers and chapter headings can be moved. With every new edition of eBooks reading becomes easier to use and read.

  1. Increasing Books Collection

For the low cost of the production of eBooks, people are encouraged to produce more and more books as eBooks. A lot of books on various topics and of various fields are produced which are not available as physical books. People can be able to find more options to read on one topic. There are a lot of case studies, real-life stories, discussion about mistakes of various career-oriented fields and also many descriptive interviews or news books in online as an eBook.

  1. Accessibility

People are now able to get a lot of books in seconds. They can download any book anytime they want. The built-in-dictionary of eBooks gives the reader to search and find the books they want in seconds. People can be able to download any book of their choice anytime they want. They do not need to do anything else to download or purchase a book. Only find a book and get it by downloading if that is a free book. If reader have to purchase the book, they only has to click some buttons and purchase within some minutes.

  1. Freebies for Readers

In the past, people had to go to the market, search for the book they need and then purchase and so, spend their money for traveling to the market and purchasing the book whatever is it. Now, you can get many books of your choice with no money. There are many freebies offering a lot of books for free. You can get many books from these freebies. An extensive collection of books is available in these freebies.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

The physical book production needs paper, inking, printing and so many things. So, the cost of a physical book is high. But this expense is not needed to make eBooks. EBooks are really very much low costing, production things. So, the price of eBooks is also low. People now can get many valuable books at a very little price. This increases the reading efficiency to the readers. The accessibility of important books opens a wide door of learning. It has opened many chances to shine for the students, researchers, and people from many other fields.  A lot of books are also found for free.

  1. Environment-friendly Production

There is no need for any paper and inking for the production of eBooks. So, no need to destroy our nature and no need to cut down any trees. EBook production is the best solution for producing books without destroying our nature. Besides, the spreading power of eBooks is higher than any other books. So, we can increase our awareness and consciousness for protecting our nature through eBooks. We can share our innovative thoughts and suggestions to protect our environment through eBooks.


People are now advancing with technology. So, advancing in reading and learning and improving our ability to read more books and gather more knowledge in less time is a must now. Through eBooks it is possible. Through a lot of innovative improvement of eBooks, people are now able to get more books, more time to read many books, utilize their wasting time, find a more chance to read books and get access of many books of various fields. People are now able to enrich their knowledge in one field and also gather knowledge from different fields at a time. Reading and learning is now the most easily available and accessible matter.

5 kids-friendly Things of eBooks

A wide door has been opened for the children with the addition of kids eBooks. They are now able to learn many things and new materials with the eBook playtime versions where they can play a lot of games with letters, words, and sentences; they can play puzzles and mazes and learn a lot of things with fun. There are some interactions-improving matters are encouraged regarding eBooks use and production. Children are now getting to learn with a great fun by the storytelling options, playing game options of the eBooks. We are going to discuss how the eBooks are encouraging kids to learn efficiently and make good relations with nature and with their friends and parents.

  1. EBooks Encouraging the Parent-children Interaction

There are a lot of shreds of evidence which prove that interaction between parents and children is increasing for the learning procedures of eBooks. People now, get more options to make conversation with their children. When a child or a young boy or girl start to learn from an eBook, they need their parent’s help to operate it. While getting to learn from the kids eBook, children again find it fun and try to show their fun and happy time to their parents. They also like to share this fun-having learning time with their parents. Parents are now getting more engaged to have the storytelling time or, playing time or, to read eBooks together with their children. So, we can say that eBooks are encouraging the interaction between parents and children and also improving the relationship between them.

  1. EBooks Enriching Interaction with Others

When a child or a young boy spends time with eBooks, they seek help from the people around him or get in touch with people around him for the eBooks. Children find it more fun while they play a game in the eBook or enjoy a story or animation rhyme. At this time, they like to share their fun and happy time with the people around him. They interact with many people for this eBook sharing and like to share all the fun they had throughout the day with other people. They love to share their fun time with their friends too.

  1. EBooks Promoting Learning Ability

The use of eBooks is promoting the learning ability of a child or school kids. The feature of providing learning materials in an eBook is much friendly and fun-giving type. Children have a lot of fun and in the middle of fun they learn a lot of things, but they could not find that they are getting educated. The eBooks are featured in such a descriptive manner that they understand a topic in-depth and of course, with fun and chills. For older children specially school kids, the eBooks provide different tricks to memorize hard equations or table contents. Thus, the learning capability of a child has increased through eBooks.

  1. Text-highlighting Feature of eBooks

The text-highlighting fact of a book or seminar content became appreciated for increasing reading ability. Text highlighting on a book or in a seminar content or in any physical reading material is quite expensive task. But this feature is found at low-cost on eBooks. So, many eBooks provide this text highlighting feature to expand the reading and learning option. In an eBook, a highlighted text can be found with additional highlighted feature like audio narrator by clicking on that text. This digital audio narrator can describe the definition of noted, text or show the punctuation. This function encourages the learning option as well.

  1. Visualizing Features of eBooks

Many things that are hard to understand, is provided as animation or storytelling material in eBooks. For this feature, kids become able to learn and understand the hard things in the easy way and in depth. What a teacher or parents cannot do, eBooks do that very easily. Learning and reading become more easy and fun for kids because of the eBooks’ teaching procedures. The animation stories make a great fun for the children. They cannot understand that they are learning a very difficult matter. Some eBooks provide sensor giving options where different types of pictures are shown on touching on a certain thing. For example, when a kid is learning about animals, the can see a picture of a particular animal by touching that animal. In very recent time, 3D pictures are uploaded by the eBook authority for kids. Kids have unbelievable fun when they learn something by this functionality.


Learning and reading from eBooks is a fun fact for kids. But the proficiency is increasing through this eBooks learning. Kids learn as it is a playtime job. They do not need to take it as a serious work in his life. Learning with fun and chills is now so much available for the innovation of eBooks. The interaction with a lot of people is possible through this and also the interaction with nature is also possible for the eBook learning. Kids are now able to know a lot about nature and nature saving facts through eBooks. They try to match different things with real-life and practice different suggestions in real life that they have learned from eBooks. Thus, the practical learning has also been encouraged by the eBooks learning.

5 Education-friendly Impact of digital library

People are always trying to cope up with the new and advanced world. With the advanced world, people are attaching themselves to the technology. Now a day, most of the teachers are using digital libraries, digital contents and digital platforms to teach their students. Students also like to be used to this technique. They find it easier than the old system. The educational institutions are continuing to capture the system and to digitize their system. The libraries are also modifying their services and systems. People have been understood the importance of digitization and they are working on it to provide the education sector of the world a fully new dynamic view. The internet experience of the students and teachers have proved the reliability and convenience of this opportunity.

  1. Innovative Change of the Digital Libraries

The digitization of a library, actually, means the conversion of physical library material to an electronic library. At the early time, people store the materials in CD format and deliver it or spread it around the world. So, there was a little limitation for transferring CDs from one place to another. Now, it is more convenient and easy to have a thing or library material. With the world wide web connection, every reading material can be transferred to anywhere. A material can be stored as digital content in different format like PDF. Besides, these can be uploaded on various mediums to spread it around the whole world. People can get it anywhere and anytime they want. These materials are kept in a restricted and licensed system so that nobody gets the chance to violate it and these are kept open in a reading format so that anybody can get the knowledge.

  1. Increased Accessibility

There are now many ways to have any types of reading materials on hand. Most of the libraries are now using the internet for hosting their catalogs of cards. For this procedure, another door has been opened to the learners to gather information. Now, people can be able to get any books or other things from a library anywhere or anytime they want through internet learning platforms like google book search. On this platform, finding a thing is the easiest way and also time consuming method. People can now read on their mobile or tablet which make it the best idea of easy data accessing. This option has opened a broad door for researchers, students, and teachers from any place of the world.

  1. Digital libraries in Every Sector

The digitization has touched each and every sector of the world. Schools, colleges, and universities are connecting their materials with the digital contents and using it in a reliable functionality for the students. The medical sectors, corporate sectors, and other all sectors are redefining their functionality with this digitization program. The librarian rules are changed to cope up with this new functionality. For these changes, the personal teaching connection is encouraged and enriched with the touch of the digital libraries. The touch with learning and educational materials with learners is also increasing for this vast and wide accessibility of the educational materials.

  1. Confidence Increasing Fact for the New Librarians

To manage the digital library functions, the new librarians are now working as teachers. They are now working on modifying content and converting physical content to digital one. Thus, they are connecting with students of digital libraries and an electronic connection with these students has been developed. They are becoming confident in enriching their own information wealth and make this internet available materials. People are now more connected to the digital world and so, this job is becoming an important positional job which gives the high standard and high confidence to the new librarians.

  1. Affordable and Manageable Cloud-Based Digital Hosting

If the digital hosting is kept cloud-based, it is more financially affordable and easily manageable operation. It is more convenient to set and manage than a server provider library. It is the new innovation of the digital world. A server-based digital library needs to manage a lot of costs like hardware costs, storage expansions etc. The cloud computing system eliminates these issues and broadens the digital impact. The learning environment has been totally changed in this cloud computing method. The learner and readers can get the materials fast and easy. Thus, people are more encouraged to learn more and more and the learning becomes amazing for them.


The dominating power of the digital world and the increasing use of computer and digital materials is changing the educational environment. People are now more engaged in this digital world. Learners and students find it more time-consuming and effective. Besides, they are now improving their learning ability to keep pace with this digitization. They are adopting this function fast. Their ability to absorb more knowledge in less time is improving swiftly. So, embracing with this for the libraries and schools is a must now. They are also doing this by making their own domain. So, the digital evolution is spreading vigorously and improving in a better direction. People are now encouraged more to keep a balance with this innovation and make it their life-changing matter. The learning becomes interesting and attractive fact now for new and updating information base of the digital world.

4 Progressive Impacts of Reading Online Books

The online reading option has opened a door of new and advanced educational platform for students and also for every person from every stage of the world. In fact, there is no age limit and no restriction or rules for some types of people to read, learn and gather skills. People from every stage can be able to learn many things now from online. There are many people who do not have proper support for reading books and learning something. They are now able to get some knowledge and explore many online books and get to learn with their heart’s content. Besides, these online reading options influence the reading skills of the younger children sharply. The impact is very strong on young boys specially, and also for those who are less engaged readers. So, it has a positive effect to motivate children and increase their interest to read more.

From some research reports, it has been proved that people engaged more now in reading because they find it more convenient and easy for the online reading option. Because there are a lot of sources available in one device, from online newspapers to e-readers and social media. An extensive collection of information, tutorials for a lot of things and many eBooks have made the internet reading platform richer than hard books. People are now not only having the chance to explore many things on the internet, but also there is a lot of change has been made by people in applying this knowledge, skills, and information they gather.

There are some facts about online reading things that encourage a person to read more. We will now discuss these effective facts.

  1. Easy to Find and Encouraging Attention

When a person finds it difficult to search for a book on the market and see that on that topic, there are a huge collection of books for free on the internet, they obviously try them. When it became easier what a person needs to have it on the internet, they would like to read them on the internet. Thus, people get more attached to eBooks than hard books. Besides, people may like to search for a reading material on the internet than searching on the market. Because they can do it in the easiest way, even sitting at home. People can be able to use the time for reading various topics when they have to search for it on the market.

Moreover, most of the articles on the internet reading materials focus on keywords and it increases the reading capacity of a person. The attention of a person sticks to the keywords and they find it more encouraging to read because they know where are the main things on that topic.

  1. Encouraging Proficiency

People find it easy to read on the internet than finding a book on the required topic. There are many more materials found in the internet on one topic and so, people get to read more about a topic and find more information in one place. The proficiency is encouraged in this way. People like to gather more knowledge at less time range in the short time of life. In the internet, they can be able to explore many things now. In the past, people need to make a plan to get training on the different subject. They could not be able to take different types of training at a time. But now they can be able to learn many things at a time from different types of tutorials that are found on online.

  1. Learning Different Language

There are many ways opened for all to learn different languages on the internet. Through social media, people learn it in a practical speaking style. Because people can get to link each other from a far away. People become close around the whole world through social media. Many types of research proved that people able to learn a language more efficiently on the internet than learning from a book. When a person talks to a person a different language, it enhances the speaking power through practice, while a person gets the language skills but not have the practical speaking power by learning from a book. Thus people become more proficient in many foreign languages now for the internet help.

  1. Interaction and Reading

The traditional reading system did not allow a person to make a conversation on a topic, but people get to talk with many people about what they are learning and get into research on what they have learned through the internet. This enriches much practical knowledge from the experience of different types of people around the world. Besides, people get interest more learning in this way than from old media. Moreover, a person needs to have a critical thinking ability and higher level reasoning to learn and achieving skills from the internet and so, people become more passionate and strong in learning. Their practical thinking ability has been enriched because of it.


With technology and advanced reading options on the internet, people can get to enrich their standard and become smart. The people of this advanced world, become more strong, sharp and efficient on their knowledge and skills. They get the chance of becoming practical through the internet and thus, they can be able to make a strong foundation for their future.

4 Myths and the Surprising Reality about Self-published Books

The self-publishing author and industry have some myths to the audiences and customers. These myths are made obstacle in their pathway to success. These facts need to be reduced. To get the success in self-publishing eBook. An author and publishers need to have a great courage and determination to reach the goal. Many techniques need to be applied to be a best-selling books’ author. These self-published books are of good quality and open a door for wider knowledge for the readers. So, avoiding these myths is a must to clear the way of self-publishers. Here are some myths and the reality fact shown below.

Myth 1 and the Reality

There is a myth that self-published books are all of low quality. Due to the less information and just plain books have been published as the self-published book.

But the reality is there was really some low-quality self-published books at the early time of eBooks. Some analysts say that may be some low-quality traditional books were published in the electronic version and that makes the self-published books market fall down. But in fact, there are a lot of growing body of self-publishers and they are determined to do their best and to be professional in every possible way. They use the best editors like the big publishers. They write very tight and indistinguishable content from the trade-published books. They make good cover theme designs from the best designers on the market. They are also intelligent, talent and adaptability make great works. They also work by keeping pace with the advanced technology. Rather, their books are often found with better formatting than other trade-published books. Some trade-published books are found with a drop of quality due to some reasons like the poor structure and the plot holes. They may be experiencing some cutting their budget time and so, they are publishing low-quality books.

Besides, self-publishing needs a lot of dedication, hard work and time to publish a quality book. Because high-quality books need to be revised and properly edited and designed to enrich its quality. There are several self-publishers who offer the editing and designing services to the self-publishers. There are many freelancers also to proofread books before publishing it at a very low cost.

So, it can be said that the myth about the quality of self-published eBook is not fully right rather after a lot of hard work and care these books are published to the market.

Myth 2 and the Reality

There is a myth says that self-publishers do not want to take the hassle of marketing. They like to get help from the traditional publishers for this marketing fact.

The reality is that it was like this before. But now, self-publishers work quite hard for the marketing of their eBooks. Though it is the toughest job to reach the goal of the success of a book. Many customers do not even open the list of self-published books as they do not have much trust in them. So, it is more difficult for this type of books. A lot of hard work and marketing techniques need to do in every possible way.

Myth 3 and the Reality

A myth about the self-publisher is that self-publishers make huge money as they do not need to bear extra costs.

The reality is that they are not getting proper income through their hard work of self-publishing books. Many of them do not even get the advance money what they deserved after a lot of hard work and longtime dedication to writing their books. There are a few examples of the success of any self-publishers by getting to be a millionaire and so, people think all the self-publishers are successful to make a lot of money. The truth is they do not even get to have the minimum requirement and sometimes, they need to quit their self-publishing job. Most of them fail to reach the success.

Myth 4 and the Reality

People think that to be a successful self-publisher is a very easy matter.

But the reality is that it takes a lot to be a bestselling book’s author. Though the books are of great quality it cannot get the success so easily. An aggressive and strong marketing is needed to promote the book. Because there is a huge competition to reach the goals from so many books of top-level trade-publishers. Maybe the family and friends of the author are encouraging them and liking his book, but it cannot take the book for a long way. To get the success there is a long way to meet. An author must be determined and he needs a constructive plan of marketing his book and strong foundation objectives to promote his book. He may need to seek help from editors or writing groups and mentors. A self-publisher need to target the right audience for marketing it. He needs to have a good and sharp knowledge about the target audience.


Actually, the self-publishing is an innovative route of publishing. It makes the dream of an author real. So, this article is to encourage the self-publishing system not for discouraging this fact. The myths about this self-publishing should reduce to make a success from this smooth door of publishing good books.

6 Important Points Need to be considered While Purchasing an eBook

For the people who are passionate readers and learners, the eBook is a life-changing addition to technology. It makes it easier to get reading and enjoying favorite books whenever and wherever they want. For these types of people, buying an eBook is the perfect choice to gather and carry a lot of books with them with the help of a thin and light eBook reader device.

There are a lot of innovative options are added to the eBooks’ new editions. There are options for having audio, text speech, visualizing effects, pictures etc. The font of the content can be changed to read it clearly. An extensive collection of books is found online to read on an eBook reader. People can search and find easily form the easy-to-define searching function eBook. Then they can download it within minutes. Downloading an eBook through the wireless broadband internet is now possible and so, it is much easier to access many books on eBook readers.

So, purchasing an eBook reader device is a wise choice to learn a lot of things and read many books from one little device. Before purchasing an eBook reader, people must consider some facts to get the right device. Such facts are described below.

  1. The Scree Size of the eBook Reader

The diagonal screen size of eBooks, generally, ranges from 5 inches to 10 inches. A reader can select any size on the basis of their need. If they think of getting the larger font size, they can purchase big size. If small size is okay, people can buy the small one. But the ideal size to buy a perfect eBook reader is 6 inches. Because it is easily portable and low in cost. People can afford it financially and also find it more reliable to use.

  1. The Screen capability of an eBook Reader

There are many types of eBooks of the reader having various features on their screen. Many eBook readers are monochromatic and provide a long battery life and a bright light to read at night. The resistance power to glare in this bright light vary in the different reader devices. Some reader provides built-in-lightning. Some reader devices offer book light and a cover light, too, to make it easy to turn the pages at night. The touch capability is also a matter that needs to be considered because it varies on the different devices. Some device provides the touch ability to turn over pages and some provide turning bars. Some device provides both options. So, the device with both options is better.

  1. The Connectivity of an eBook Reader

The device with the wireless 3G access provides the speedier connection to download an eBook. So, this type of device is more flexible to obtain new content. The device with Wi-Fi connectivity access is of the low price. Some devices need the connection with the computer to download a book. This type of device is the lowest price found in the market, but it is less-convent to use. On the basis of the financial support of a reader, he can choose one of these three types of e-readers. If they can purchase the first one, it will be the best idea.

  1. The Performances of Different Types of eBook Readers

The ability to turn over the pages quickly and the ability to keep it on for more time vary. Different models of the different devices provide the different capability. Some device provides a long-life battery but some device has a very low-life battery. The contrast of the background effects and light effects also vary. So, all these matters need to be considered and checked before purchasing it.

  1. The Flexibility of an eBook Reader

Some eBook readers provide an auto-formatting option. Books are downloaded formatted when purchasing in a certain store. In this case, no need to waste time to format new books. Some e-Readers provide the capability to borrow some books from some selected stores. They do it by having the digital rights management provision. Some devices also support different typical documents like word documents. Some devices can load auto JPEG formatted photos. So, having an eBook reader device with these capacities increases the flexibility to use an eBook reader. Considering these functions and checking for these is needed while purchasing it.

  1. Some Additional Digital Functions

There are some additional functions that have been added to the new edition of e-readers. These devices have the basic MP3 player and the basic digital photo frame. Now, most of the devices have the audio content reading system. Some advanced edition allows to draw and also hand write something. So, if these functions seem preferable, then considering for these and searching for an advanced version will be a great choice.


To enrich our learning and reading capability, eBook reader device is a great innovation of the technology. So, having one is the best choice for a passionate reader. But finding the best one matters a lot for a reader. So, when choosing an eBook reader, considering the financial fact is not enough. Getting the most flexible and function-rich device is a necessary thing now. So, checking all functions before purchasing an e-reader is a wise choice.


2 Steps of the Invention of Electronic paper

The invention of the e-reader is a gross step of technology that brings our digital life two steps ahead. We are now able to read so many things, storing them in a small chip. This innovative invention is known as the electronic paper. In this electronic paper, we can read a lot of things. We do not need to carry loads of books to anywhere we go. We can take all our books with this electronic paper. The popularity of this invention is increasing rapidly. Now, many top-level renowned companies are making this electronic paper and provide for us. But we may not know that it takes a lot to invent this miraculous thing.

We are now going to know 2 important steps of the invention of the electronic paper.


The invention of the electronic paper takes almost forty years to make it. The first step was taken with the concept that began to cover up the display problem of poor quality computer. The CRT light was very dim and so, people could not work at daylight. They started to work in a dark room by keeping the lights off and blocking the daylight with shades. This was the time of 1970 when the concept of electronic paper has come up.

Gyricon Invention:

To cover up the dim light issue of the poor quality computer was solved by a computer-generated color graphics. This was invented by an employee of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. He built the color graphics to be operated by a mouse and a laser printer. The employee was the Nicholas Sheridan, who invented this thing called the Gyricon. The word Gyricon were taken from the Greek meaning the rotated image. It was a paper which was comprised of millions of polyethylene spheres and these spheres were 75 to 106 micrometers in diameter. This was embedded in a thin layer of plastic. With these materials, the text and images were created the rotation causing by the voltage.

After the invention and use of this Gyricon, Sheridan had got the permission to work on the invention of the electronic paper. He worked to make a turn to develop electronic paper from1992 to 2005. Though it was stopped in 2005, it was the first strong step to start production of the electronic paper technology.

First E-reader

The first eBook reader was the Rocket eBook and the Softbook. They were starting their journey in 1998. It had the ability to have the maximum memory of about 64 megabytes which can store 100,00 pages. A rechargeable battery was provided with it which could run the reader for 5hours and need 2 hours as a recharge time. The cost of this thing was $600.


The E-ink Invention

The e-readers of the early time could not use the e-ink. They used a backlit flat panel display. The electronic ink technology was developed taking some more time to be invented but this invention has turned the e-reader technology a sharp move. Actually, this e-ink works as an electronically filed application to the particles of titanium dioxide per one micrometer in diameter. This e-ink technology can consume a very little energy. Thus it behaves like a paper and gives the powers to today’s e-readers.

The high-resolution Nanoparticle e-ink was invented by the professor of the MIT media lab in 1990. The co-founder of this e-ink corporation was the partner of various companies. It was purchased by the prime view international in 2009. On the note of expert’s belief, the transaction should provide the financial backup and then the development of the first color e-paper would be speeded up.

There were several steps taken for the development of high-resolution e-ink. For example, the Seiko Epson Corporation developed an e-paper made by the plastic substrate in 2006. In Japan, a proto-type e-ink screen was also put on the market which utilized a plastic construction.

Other Application of E-Paper

A potential application of e-paper was on billboards. It was a labeling method. The Gyricon technology was used for this application. Besides, many more uses were found in this electronic paper. E-paper displays were conceivably used as a Low- power digital screens and this was used in various electronic appliances. The different types of use of electronic paper increase the demand of this.

The Eco-friendly Fact of E-paper

The global warming and deforestation issue was encouraged by the production of physical paper and discouraged by the e-paper. So, the production of e-paper is spreading fast and increasing rapidly too. Many surveys proved that around 30 million acres of forest are destroyed every year to fulfill the demand for paper. So, e-paper is the best solution to avoid this destruction. If the use of e-paper can be increased, then the use of paper can be decreased and the destruction of nature can be stopped.


A lot of work and dedication invented today’s electronic paper. From the very beginning, different types of systems and methods were being tried by the developer of e-paper. But more innovation may be needed to increase the ease of the use of e-paper. So, keeping the demand of this in mind, financial support should be given to make progress and new innovative steps to upgrade the functionality of e-paper.

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