Baseball Books – What You Can Learn

There are many reasons why everyone loves baseball, apart from the cracker jacks and cotton candy available at the games, it is the warm-up songs and mini-dances that gets everyone in the mood for a great game. It is the home-runs that get the crowd on their feet as they admire the bat swing in the distance, and it’s the unpredictability as one bad call changes the game completely. Blaming the umpire for all that goes wrong is just part of the experience, and if your team hit a home-run, it is the high-fives shared amongst the crowd that makes the moment extra special.

Baseball Hall of Fame Museum

Inside the Baseball Hall of Fame is a wonderful look into the history of the museum that includes over 200 photographs that bring the sport of baseball to life. It includes behind the scenes and never before seen items as well as exhibits of importance.

While most associate historical artefacts and prodigious feats with the Hall of Fame, the National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum displays some of the finest baseball art pieces complimented by amazing paintings. The museum features pieces from several world-renowned artists, which includes “The Baseball Catch” painting by Elaine de Kooning and “Baseball” by Alexander Calder. In 2016, The art of Ben Sakoguchi made the headlines around the world when his exhibition called 100 Painting part of the Unauthorized History of Baseball, successfully presented the true tales of players that forgotten, overlooked and at times misrepresented.

The World of Baseball

The World of Baseball is another book worthy to those who are fans of the sport. It highlights an extensive collection of most iconic players in the sport and tells of their story, career and how the sport has global appeal.

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