4 Myths and the Surprising Reality about Self-published Books

4 Myths and the Surprising Reality about Self-published Books

The self-publishing author and industry have some myths to the audiences and customers. These myths are made obstacle in their pathway to success. These facts need to be reduced. To get the success in self-publishing eBook. An author and publishers need to have a great courage and determination to reach the goal. Many techniques need to be applied to be a best-selling books’ author. These self-published books are of good quality and open a door for wider knowledge for the readers. So, avoiding these myths is a must to clear the way of self-publishers. Here are some myths and the reality fact shown below.

Myth 1 and the Reality

There is a myth that self-published books are all of low quality. Due to the less information and just plain books have been published as the self-published book.

But the reality is there was really some low-quality self-published books at the early time of eBooks. Some analysts say that may be some low-quality traditional books were published in the electronic version and that makes the self-published books market fall down. But in fact, there are a lot of growing body of self-publishers and they are determined to do their best and to be professional in every possible way. They use the best editors like the big publishers. They write very tight and indistinguishable content from the trade-published books. They make good cover theme designs from the best designers on the market. They are also intelligent, talent and adaptability make great works. They also work by keeping pace with the advanced technology. Rather, their books are often found with better formatting than other trade-published books. Some trade-published books are found with a drop of quality due to some reasons like the poor structure and the plot holes. They may be experiencing some cutting their budget time and so, they are publishing low-quality books.

Besides, self-publishing needs a lot of dedication, hard work and time to publish a quality book. Because high-quality books need to be revised and properly edited and designed to enrich its quality. There are several self-publishers who offer the editing and designing services to the self-publishers. There are many freelancers also to proofread books before publishing it at a very low cost.

So, it can be said that the myth about the quality of self-published eBook is not fully right rather after a lot of hard work and care these books are published to the market.

Myth 2 and the Reality

There is a myth says that self-publishers do not want to take the hassle of marketing. They like to get help from the traditional publishers for this marketing fact.

The reality is that it was like this before. But now, self-publishers work quite hard for the marketing of their eBooks. Though it is the toughest job to reach the goal of the success of a book. Many customers do not even open the list of self-published books as they do not have much trust in them. So, it is more difficult for this type of books. A lot of hard work and marketing techniques need to do in every possible way.

Myth 3 and the Reality

A myth about the self-publisher is that self-publishers make huge money as they do not need to bear extra costs.

The reality is that they are not getting proper income through their hard work of self-publishing books. Many of them do not even get the advance money what they deserved after a lot of hard work and longtime dedication to writing their books. There are a few examples of the success of any self-publishers by getting to be a millionaire and so, people think all the self-publishers are successful to make a lot of money. The truth is they do not even get to have the minimum requirement and sometimes, they need to quit their self-publishing job. Most of them fail to reach the success.

Myth 4 and the Reality

People think that to be a successful self-publisher is a very easy matter.

But the reality is that it takes a lot to be a bestselling book’s author. Though the books are of great quality it cannot get the success so easily. An aggressive and strong marketing is needed to promote the book. Because there is a huge competition to reach the goals from so many books of top-level trade-publishers. Maybe the family and friends of the author are encouraging them and liking his book, but it cannot take the book for a long way. To get the success there is a long way to meet. An author must be determined and he needs a constructive plan of marketing his book and strong foundation objectives to promote his book. He may need to seek help from editors or writing groups and mentors. A self-publisher need to target the right audience for marketing it. He needs to have a good and sharp knowledge about the target audience.


Actually, the self-publishing is an innovative route of publishing. It makes the dream of an author real. So, this article is to encourage the self-publishing system not for discouraging this fact. The myths about this self-publishing should reduce to make a success from this smooth door of publishing good books.